Services - or How Can I Help?

Here are things I do: 

  • Model building - the design of simplified structures which represent reality by simulation. The use of an appropriate tool for the problem, no more, no less.
  • Process definition - specify the inputs, outputs and activities which should take place to generate the desired goal and meet the success factors.
  • Project planning - making sense of a mixture of project activities is an important task in its own right. Task, resource, effort, timescale, dependency and risk are key elements.
  • Information gathering and structured research - an early task is often the collection of information from published sources and knowledgeable persons.
  • Analytic evaluation and assessment - the structured analysis of information using appropriate evaluation criteria and techniques. (SWOT, ABC, balanced scorecard)
  • Software evaluation - contrast and compare software tools. Choose the appropriate software tool to support further definition, investigation and understanding of the problem.
  • Stratigraphic interpretation - analysis of geological formations and structures from map, field, aerial and subsurface data sources
  • Field and site work