Field Experience 

Geology & Hydrogeology       

  • Field mapping at 1:10,000 Matlock, Carboniferous shelf carbonates with associated mineralisation and igneous intrusion 
  • Field surveys selective Kyrenia alpine-range, structural relationships of Permo Trias shelf carbonate olistoliths, Cretaceous chalk / ophiolite and Tertiary flysch deposits     
  • Field surveys various Thames Valley & Chiltern Hills, Cretaceous chalk with overlying proto-fluvial deposits 
  • Field surveys various Pennine Hills, Carboniferous shelf carbonates and fluvio-deltaic deposits
  • Field survey and mapping various Northumberland, Fell Sandstone Carboniferous fluvio-deltaic deposits 
  • SD modelling of aquifer behaviour and water resources, Fell Sandstone aquifer Northumberland  

Market Sector Experience

Software & IT  

  • Over 30 years experience within leading UK software companies and consultancy firms providing:    
  • Software specification, design, development and testing  
  • Software architecture, strategy and organisational mapping
  • Software product evaluation and market positioning 
  • End-user community support and education Business & Consultancy  

Business & Consultancy

Over 30 years experience of...

  • UK and North America clients
  • Process, function and systems analysis
  • Supply chain, risk management and finance