Skills & Qualifications

Geology & Hydrogeology    

  • BSc Geology & Numerical Methods at Sheffield University
  • MSc Petroleum Geology at Imperial College
  • MSc Hydrogeology at Newcastle University
  • Member of CIWEM 

Software & IT           

  • Code developer in Fortran, Assembler, Cobol, 4GLs, VBA, scripts        
  • Data modeller and database designer in IDMS, Image, SQL, Excel         
  • Methodologies - Jackson Structured Programming, RAPID Application Development, CASE Computer And Systems Effectiveness IT Strategy, Rubus Solution Architecture, PADTech Process Architecture Design Technology
  • Project Management, Delivery Management, Team Leadership  

Business & Consultancy         

  • Leeds foundation in Law, Economics, Finance, Statistics          
  • P1 Chartered Accountancy (CIPFA)       
  • Leadership course at London Business School       
  • Team building, Client Communication, Strategic Marketing, LIFO Profiling      
  • Assignment Management, Senior Management Consulting