Water Resource Planning

Water Companies have a statutory requirement to produce and maintain a 25 year Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP). The plan must be reviewed on an annual basis and revised in line with any significant change. The planning process is described in detail within the Water Resource Planning Guideline (WRPG) 2011 which implements the requirements of the Water Act 2003.


Environment Agency, Water resources planning guidelines April 2011. 

The main building blocks of the plan are shown above. A more detailed management view is shown below.

The supply component embraces both surface water and groundwater sources. A number of UKWIR, NRA and EA published methodologies form the foundation for information gathering. They include: 

  • Reassessment of water company yields (Environment Agency, 1997);
  • A methodology for the determination of outputs of groundwater sources (UKWIR, 1995b);
  • Surface water yield assessment (NRA, 1995);
  • A unified methodology for the determination of deployable output from water sources (UKWIR and Environment Agency, 2000);
  • Critical period groundwater yield (UKWIR and Environment Agency, 2001).

System dynamic models can be used to aid understanding of the supply demand balance issues in the Resource Zones and inform the PR14 WRMP.