Water Regulation

Many Components

Regulatory dynamics of water resource management: 

  • Water Framework Directive (WFD),
  • Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy (CAMS)
  • Water Act (2003)
  • Water Resource Management Plans and Drought Plans.

The WFD embraces all UK water bodies (surface, ground and coastal). It addresses the measurement of their:  

  • quantitative (water availability) status
  • qualitative (chemical) status
  • actions to reach 'good ecological status' by 2027.
Groundwater and surface water inter-relationship via quantitative status:
  • impact of groundwater abstraction on surface water flow
  • adverse ecological consequences

Environment Agency & Natural Scotland, The river basin management plan for the Solway Tweed river basin district 2009-2015 

Groundwater abstraction:
  • managed through licensing
  • needs to be in alignment with WFD
Catchments can straddle national borders and involve multiple agencies.
Groundwater bodies can fail both the groundwater qualitative and quantitative tests:
  • groundwater abstraction impacts on surface water bodies
  • overall water balance of the aquifer
  • 'extend abstraction control to include previously exempt areas'
The sectors affected:
  • agriculture,
  • rural land management,
  • water industry, industry
  • business